“Javel” is a 23 meter large sculpture, strategically situated by the road leading from the city center of Kristiansand to the theater (Kilden Performing Arts Centre). It hangs roughly on the hewn cliff at the side of Kilden. The contrast between the materials of the rugged, matt rock face and sculpture’s shimmering reflective surface of polished steel is dramatic and beautiful. From a distance the work look like a smooth shiny undulating line. But as one approaches Kilden the abstract sculpture turns into something readable. The serpentine line of steel spells out a word “Javel”. It is the ultimate symbol of a wish for a binding bridge between the people and art.

Credits & info:

Place: Kristiansand, Norway
Authors: Arne Revheim & Finn Eirik Modahl
Materials: stainless steel
Dimensions: 23 X 53 m
Commissioned by: Kilden Performing Arts Center & KORO
Construction period: 2011

Project, text and photo: Arne Revheim & Finn Eirik Modahl

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