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This object passed through several stages until reaching the current production phase, but from the beginning it gravitated around these constants: parametric design, modular elements, a kind of extended multi-functionality. Finally after ups and downs, a very clear idea crystallized and so appeared Tusenben.

Erlend Blakstad Hafner: “Tusenben” is a worm, directly translated to English from Norwegian it means thousand legs. The Halele Carol factory is an interesting industrial garden but it lacks a social arena. I decided to make a meeting place for the central square.

“I was told to make the structure movable and I came to think about a soft worm moving through the factory. I was inspired by the production on site and the industrial architecture of the factory buildings and decided to make a simple object inspired by the place.”

The bench is formed of several arches with different radius and consists of 2.200 or more wooden parts all unique and combined in ways that creates a multifunctional meeting point and hang out for the visitors.

From its first day, “Tusenben” has become a social aggregator. From flirt space, bench for many people, agora, sunbathing place, bed or sunbed proved to be very useful for the launch event.


By: Erlend Blakstad Haffner (No)