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That corner of the fence where we placed the prisms was an important and difficult area. It was ideal there to signal that point, as the largest building there and the bighest hall  are not visible from the main promenade.

But the ideal point for signaling intersected two sides of the fence, one made of concrete and the other made of brick. About none of them we could say it was too suitable to become a signal; rather their combination resulted in a brutal image.

So once you’ve identified that angle as a pivotal point of the whole building, a place where intervention was needed, we start working exactly with that situation.

Secondly this place is a passage, a place where people come and go from the events, and all this transitional move is transformed in a kind of energy that put in motion the colored prisms.

The line of prisms consists of 24 elements placed on an independent steel structure. One prism is formed by an equilateral triangle of wooden parts and each prism can be rotated individually. The prisms are placed vertically following the line of the Carol Factory boundary. The colors of each side of the prisms are based on a 24 color– scheme derived from the colors of a tree in bloom

in springtime.

However colors must generate constantly changing surfaces depending on visitor interaction with rotating prisms. The colors effect was studied on computer, generating many random combinations, simulating interactions with different intensities. Colors allow more moods, but mainly ranging around the idea of sky, leaves and buds. Rotation gesture and the resulted sound are reminiscent of children playing with a stick against a latticed fence which produces a specific sound, but also make a reference to yesteryear playground swings.

The intervention is meant to signal the route in public space and to give directions on the terrain. The installation aims to seduce from a distance and to attract to come closer. It leads the way to continue the route or to stand still and enjoy. It invites to interact and to play with the rhythm of colors that symbolize the nature at the other part of the wall. In a way the installation questions and exploits the non-transparent character of the fence between the park and Carol Factory.


By: Constantin Goagea & Meta van Drunen (Ro) in collaboration with Justin Baroncea and Ştefan Păvăluţă