The gate lies between spaces, offering the chance to move out of something familiar and into something new.

In many ways the Carol Factory initiative is a gate in itself, opening many possible doors to the future. We see this installation as important to the situation on different layers; as a metaphore for the project itself, a symbolic portal to the the site and also as the entrance space in Galvanizare where it is placed.

The buildings of Carol Factory are loaded with history, and while bricks, glass and metal tell of the past, vast unused spaces speak of new opportunities. Finding ourselves on the threshold.

between the past and the future of the Carol Factory, we have sought to create a door of the present, thus allowing for a reflection on what this space has been and what may come. Our proposal for the gate explores the spatial meaning of the door: to be in front or beyond it, to be in an interior protected space or outside. Three door-leaves can be opened alone or simultaneously, serving many different kinds of situations. They are seen as a response to many possible functions and many possible futures.

The door-frames are made of steel. Each of them can be opened 360 degrees, enabling different doorways, thus creating a unique spatial element that stands as a sculpture on its own. The panels are made of double plywood layers, each treated differently. The exterior layer is a compact oiled panel of plywood and the interior layer is painted and CNC-cut plywood, based on a traditional model. In that way, when the gates revolve, different spatial configurations and proepsectives of Galvanizare room occur.


By: Marit Haugen (NO)