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The Exhibition

Design Post Industry

This exhibition is the first step of the program in this year, curated in partnership with USF Bergen Art Center and together with Hesper S.A. The exhibition consists of a path with art installations and design in the outdoor spaces of the factory.

The Exhibition Design Post Industry


Under Carol Factory name (the place belongs to Hesper S.A.), Zeppelin Association initiated a methology for a process of transformation of a former industrial site in Bucharest, a place for creative industries and urban culture. The project addresses the topic of transformation of industrial areas and iconic industrial architecture by proposing some examples for reuse […]

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While all other projects were based on a type of architectural practice, “Jump!” project, brought us in front of a commentary on Carol Factory from the perspective of Norwegian artists. These two artists worked very much with projects for public space. Their proposal surprised us of course. On the one hand the object was born […]

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The gate lies between spaces, offering the chance to move out of something familiar and into something new. In many ways the Carol Factory initiative is a gate in itself, opening many possible doors to the future. We see this installation as important to the situation on different layers; as a metaphore for the project […]

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That corner of the fence where we placed the prisms was an important and difficult area. It was ideal there to signal that point, as the largest building there and the bighest hall  are not visible from the main promenade. But the ideal point for signaling intersected two sides of the fence, one made of […]

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The Ramp


The triangular piece of land this ramp reaches on was only accessible through the back of “Compresoare” hall. For audiences attending events at Carol Factory this place was never visited. To get to the actual project we spent a long time on this triangle of land. It offered a privileged point of observation, located close […]

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This object passed through several stages until reaching the current production phase, but from the beginning it gravitated around these constants: parametric design, modular elements, a kind of extended multi-functionality. Finally after ups and downs, a very clear idea crystallized and so appeared Tusenben. Erlend Blakstad Hafner: “Tusenben” is a worm, directly translated to English […]

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