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VJ Jazz Experience @ Carol Factory

VJ Jazz Experience @ Carol Factory

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VJ Jazz Experience @ Carol Factory

Friday, October 9th, at 19:00

Zeppelin continues the post-industrial Romanian-Norwegian adventure with an evening of progressive free jazz rock & blues, holographic canvases and electronic vibe, in the former workshops galvanizing the halls Carol (Str. Dr. Constantin Istrati nr. 1 – vis-a-vis Filaret Station , Bucharest).

– KROKOFANT: Tom Hasslan (guitar), Axel Skalstad (drums), Jřrgen Mathisen (sax)

– A-C Leonte (voice) – Tavi Scurtu live electronics (drums & samplers) feat. Iordache (sax)

– VJset: WE ARE WORMS – Badulin Ilya & Anja Malec



Free admission, reservations at inscrieri@e-zeppelin.ro.


x -krokofant

What do you get if you cross a crocodile and an elephant? A Crocophant. If you find unfamiliar this surreal hybrid, imagine that this fabulous creature is the star of a popular Norwegian children’s song, described as “a lumbering, trumpeting beast with a fearsome array of teeth in its snapping jaws”. Description that fits perfectly the sound of one of the most interesting and innovative Norwegian jazz bands, Krokofant.

Initially, it was just a duo consisting of guitarist Tom Hasslan and drummer Axel Skalstad. In 2012, Tom and Alex have met saxophonist Jørgen Mathisen in a guitar shop in Kongsberg, southern city in Norway, famous for its annual jazz festival. When they began to play together, it quickly became apparent that Jorgen (already a veteran, having played in bands like Shagma, The Core and Zanussi Five) was the missing piece of their musical puzzle. Soon, in the new formula, Krokofant became representative for the innovative and exciting musical movement that sweeps the Nordic region.

Some of their music is improvisation, with rock beats and driving rhythms. Essentially a marriage of free jazz, jazz rock and prog rock. A melange of raw and refined power, discipline, energy and enthusiasm. A daring and influential music, challenging and varied, dramatic and futuristic, full of subtleties and nuances. One of the most powerful sounds of the new Northern jazz.

We are worms

y -we are worms

“WeAreWorms” is an artistic set from Oslo, specializing in designing and managing video installations and audio / video performances in galleries, nightclubs and festivals. Their creativity is expressed in various artistic techniques including painting and drawing.

Shining in the Dark is a multi-layered video installation that plays with real world surroundings and depths. The art object invites the spectators to become part of it, interact with it and explore its architectural construction / experiment projected image.

An event organized by Zeppelin Association, in partnership with USF Bergen

Project funded by a grant from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the Government of Romania

Partners: The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Romania, Hesper SA, Romanian Architects Order

Media partners: Arhitext, Cărturești, DeDesign.TV, Designist, Feeder, Igloo, IQads, Modernism, Radio France Internationale, Radio România Cultural, Radio România Muzical, Ring, Șapte Seri, The Institute, Urbology.ro

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