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Cardboard Cloud

The “Cardboard Cloud” is an exhibition designed for the Centre for Design and Architecture (DogA) in Norway, Oslo. The exhibition aims to displays work done by Norwegian design students. Fantastic Norway Architects designed the architectural framework for the exhibition. Being that the exhibition is set to present brand new design objects, we decided to base the architectural concept on the thrill of unpacking.

The installation consists of over 3000 hanging cardboard boxes resembling a large pixilated cloud, hovering over the exhibited material. The construction creates a large variety of spaces, from cave like to lifted and open areas, inside the 350m2 exhibition hall. The objects and design concepts are exhibited both inside and outside the boxes. In an environmental perspective the ambition was to create an exhibition with focus on reuse and low material cost.

The cardboard boxes will be recycled at the end of the exhibition, which only leaves wires as leftovers.




Credits & info:

Place: DogA, Oslo, Norway
Architecture:  Blakstad Haffner
Architectural team: Håkon Matre Aasarød, Erlend Blakstad Haffner, Andrew Jason Linn, Magnus Ohren, Tomos Osmond, Anne Busemann, Mathias Steinbru, Anette Flygansvær, Ingeborg Cappelen Lindheim, Are Fredrik Berg and Håvard Arnhoff
Engineer: Ole Wroldsen
Curator: Benedicte Sunde, Janicke Sæther, Aslag Juell Kristensen, Oscar Quan Lainfiesta

Project, text, photo: Blakstad Haffner