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Our office worked at the re-establishing of a political camp on the island of Utøya, the location of the massacre where 69 young people were killed on July 22nd 2011. The traditions and identity of the island of Utøya is about commitment, solidarity, diversity and democracy. Our ambition has been to reflect and reinforce these […]

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“Walking Berlin” was an event created as part of our exhibition at the DMY International Design Festival 09 in Germany / Berlin.  The walking houses are man-sized models of our latest architectural project: a tourist destination located on the northern west coast of Norway. As our project depend on the idea of travelling, we decided […]

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Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galliano argues, “Show me how you play and I will show who you are”. The games we play and don’t play, how we play them and with whom, have become a central aspect of the modern world’s popular cultures and their understanding of themselves. The domain of play, as even the most […]

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The former Museum of Technology at the Ezelsveldlaan in Delft became a creative cluster after its conversion by cepezed architects The Delft based cepezed architects in the Netherlands have acquired the former Museum of Technology at the Ezelsveldlaan in Delft and transformed it into a collective company complex for enterprises in the creative industries branch. […]

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