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Guided tours through industrial architecture – Bucharest

In two busy days, two guided tours were organized

Section of the Heritage as a resource programme, the project proposed – as a dedicated pilot project mainly to architects, members of organizations and civil society – to visit seven industrial ensembles in the capital: Filaret Factory, Wolff-Hesper Factory, Matches Factory, Astronomic Observer, the Stamp Factory, Bragadiru Palace and Factory, Customs Warehouse – the Ark.

In two busy days, two guided tours were organized, with the information provided by the members of Association for Industrial Archaeology. The participants had the opportunity to explore a spectacular and hardly accessible (or not at all). In those visits, accompanied by sandwiches and hot tea, the issues and the potential of the industrial heritage was debated, possible strategies and regeneration actions, examples of urban identities created on the recently industrial past and perspectives for a cultural rebranding of the capital.

Organizers: Zeppelin Association, Association for Industrial Architecture in Romania
Supported by: Romanian Chamber of Architects, Administration of National Cultural Heritage, ERSTE Stiftung, Archis Interventions SEE, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Lafarge.